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Shear Stress and Bending Stress Online Exam Quiz

Important questions about Shear Stress and Bending Stress. Shear Stress and Bending Stress MCQ questions with answers. Shear Stress and Bending Stress exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

Find the modulus of section of square beam of size 150 × 150 mm?


A : a. 654.5 m³

B : b. 550.85 m³

C : c. 562.5 m³

D : d. 586.9 m³

A rectangular beam of 500 mm wide is subjected to maximum shear force of 250kN, the corresponding maximum shear stress been 3 N/mm². The depth of the beam is equal to ______


A : a. 200mm

B : b. 250mm

C : c. 300mm

D : d. 350mm

Find the moment of inertia about centroid axis of a triangular section are having base 100 mm and height 150 mm.


A : a. 9.21×10? mm?

B : b. 9.45×10? mm?

C : c. 9.37×10? mm?

D : d. 8.51×10? mm?

At ________ the shearing stress in a beam are maximum.


A : a. Extreme fibres

B : b. Modulus of section

C : c. Neutral axis

D : d. Along the cross-sectional area

Determine the shear stress at the level of neutral axis, if a beam has a triangle cross section having base “b” and altitude “h”. Let the shear force be subjected is F.


A : a. 3F/8bh

B : b. 4F/3bh

C : c. 8F/3bh

D : d. 3F/6bh

The maximum shear stress is ______ times the average shear stress [For rectangular beams].


A : a. 2.5

B : b. 3

C : c. 1.2

D : d. 1.5

Shear stress in a beam is zero at ______


A : a. Neutral axis

B : b. Extreme fibres

C : c. Cross section

D : d. Junctions

Shear stress distribution over rectangular section will be _________


A : a. parabolic

B : b. elliptical

C : c. triangular

D : d. trapezoidal

A round Steel rod of 100 mm diameter is bent into an arc of radius 100m. What is the maximum stress in the rod? Take E = 2×10? N/mm².


A : a. 150 N/mm²

B : b. 200 N/mm²

C : c. 100 N/mm²

D : d. 300 N/mm²

For circular section, the maximum shear stress is equal to ____________ times of average shear stress.


A : a. 2/3

B : b. 3/2

C : c. 4/3

D : d. 3/4

A steel beam is 200 mm wide and 300 mm deep. The beam is simply supported and carries a concentrated load w. If the maximum stress are 2 N/mm². What will be the corresponding load?


A : a. 50 kN

B : b. 80 kN

C : c. 40 kN

D : d. 85 kN

Maximum shear stress in thin cylindrical shell be ___________


A : a. pr/2t

B : b. pr/3t

C : c. pr/4t

D : d. pr/ 5t

Circumferential stress is same as of _________


A : a. Hoop stress

B : b. Longitudinal stress

C : c. Transverse stress

D : d. Phreatic stress

A beam has a triangular cross-section, having altitude ”h” and base “b”. If the section is being subjected to a shear force “F”. Calculate the shear stress at the level of neutral axis in the cross section.


A : a. 4F/5bh

B : b. 4F/3bh

C : c. 8F/3bh

D : d. 3F/4bh

The maximum shear stress in the rectangular section is ______________ times the average shear stress.


A : a. 3/4

B : b. 3/7

C : c. 5/3

D : d. 3/2

The modular ratio for M20 grade concrete is _____________


A : a. 16

B : b. 13

C : c. 11

D : d. 07

In doubly reinforced beam, the maximum shear stress occurs ______________


A : a. along the centroid

B : b. along the neutral axis

C : c. on the planes between neutral axis and tensile reinforcement

D : d. on the planes between neutral axis and compressive reinforcement

The efficiency of cylindrical section is the ratio of the strength of joint to the strength of _______________


A : a. Solid plate

B : b. Boilerplate

C : c. Circumferential plate

D : d. Longitudinal plate

Calculate the modulus of section for a hollow circular column of external diameter 60 mm and 10 mm thickness.


A : a. 170 m

B : b. 190 m

C : c. 250 m

D : d. 300 m

Determine the modulus of a section for an I section, given the distance from neutral axis is 50 mm and moment of inertia is 2.8×10? mm?.


A : a. 59m

B : b. 51m

C : c. 58m

D : d. 63m

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