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Ios And Security Device Manager Online Exam Quiz

Important questions about Ios And Security Device Manager. Ios And Security Device Manager MCQ questions with answers. Ios And Security Device Manager exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

1. Which command will show you whether a DTE or a DCE cable is plugged into serial 0?


A : sh int s0

B : sh int serial 0

C : show controllers serial 0

D : show serial 0 controllers

2. Which of the following commands will display the current IP addressing and the layer 1 and 2 status of an interface? show version show protocols show interfaces show controllers show ip interface


A : 1, 2 and 4

B : 2, 3 and 5

C : 3 and 4 only

D : None of the above

3. You want to totally reinitialize the router and replace the current running-config with the current startup-config. What command will you use?


A : replace run start

B : copy run start

C : copy start run

D : reload

1. How many simultaneous Telnet sessions does a Cisco router support by default?


A : 2

B : 3

C : 4

D : 5

2. Which of the following commands sets the secret password to Cisco?


A : enable secret password Cisco

B : enable secret cisco

C : enable secret Cisco

D : enable password Cisco

3. What keystroke will terminate setup mode?


A : Ctrl+Z

B : Ctrl+^

C : Ctrl+C

D : Ctrl+Shift+^

4. If you delete the contents of NVRAM and reboot the router, what mode will you be in?


A : Privileged mode

B : Global mode

C : Setup mode

D : NVRAM loaded mode

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