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1. Flue gas outlet temperature from the chimney of any furnace should be ideally about __________ °C.


A : 50

B : 100

C : 150

D : 250

2. The method of Lobo and Evans is concerned with the calculation of the


A : heat absorption in radiant section of a furnace.

B : heat transfer by forced convection in a reboiler.

C : heat transfer in vacuum condensers.

D : mass transfer co-efficient.

3. Test specimen for determination of refractoriness under load (RUL) of a refractory is heated in a


A : furnace employing neutral atmosphere.

B : carbon resistance furnace.

C : reducing atmosphere.

D : furnace employing negative pressure.

4. In a heating process, a heat flow diagram in which the quantities of heat in the various items of a heat balance are represented by the width of a band is called the


A : Ostwald chart

B : Cox chart

C : Sankey diagram

D : none of these

5. Which furnace employs natural draft?


A : Coke oven

B : Boiler

C : Rotary kilns

D : L.converter

6. Turndown ratio of a burner gives an idea of the __________ in the furnace.


A : range of fuel firing rates

B : volume of the combustion chamber

C : maximum heat input rate only

D : minimum heat input rate only

7. Regenerators are used for waste heat recovery in


A : by-product coke ovens

B : beehive coke oven

C : blast furnace stoves

D : soaking pits

8. Dampers are located


A : before the I.D fan

B : after the I.D. fan

C : near the top of the chimney

D : anywhere after the I.fan

9. Reverberatory furnace is used for


A : roasting/reduction of ores

B : annealing steel coil

C : heating air

D : steel melting

10. Protective gas used in the annealing furnace for steel coil comprises of


A : 95% N 2 + 5% H 2

B : 5% H 2 + 9% N 2

C : 100% CO

D : 100 %H 2

1. Reducing atmosphere is maintained in a


A : calcination kiln

B : blast furnace

C : soaking pit

D : L.converter

2. Which one shows the diagramatic heat balance in a furnace?


A : Sankey diagram

B : Cox chart

C : Ostwald chart

D : None of these

3. Artificial draught produced by a fan in the furnace can be controlled by the


A : speed of the fan.

B : damper.

C : variation in the pitch of fan blades.

D : all (a), (b) and (c).

4. Size of the combustion chamber of a furnace depends upon the


A : heat release rate of the fuel.

B : preheat temperature of fuel & air.

C : method of mixing the fuel & air.

D : all (a), (b) and (c).

5. Pot furnace which is either regenerative or recupterative, is used in the manufacture of


A : glass

B : stainless steel

C : potteries

D : refractory bricks.

6. Which of the following is a rotary furnace?


A : Lime kiln

B : Soaking pit

C : Stoves

D : Annealing furnace.

7. Regenerators as compared to recuperators for the same duty


A : store smaller quantity of waste heat

B : are lighter & compact

C : involve higher initial cost

D : all (a), (b) & (c)

8. In order to maintain an oxidising atmosphere in a furnace, it should have


A : more of excess air

B : less of excess air

C : more of CO in flue gas

D : more of CO 2 in flue gas

9. In a furnace operation, which is not preheated?


A : Solid fuels.

B : Hydrocarbon containing fuel gases (e.g. coke oven gas, refinery gas etc.).

C : Both (a) and (b).

D : Neither (a) nor (b).

10. Oxygen percentage in the flue gas coming out of a gaseous fuel fired furnace should be ideally about __________ percent.


A : < 2

B : < 5

C : < 8

D : < 10

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