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9. Someone who loans money is called


A : Lender

B : Borrower

C : Investee

D : Investor

10. Diversification is important in investing because


A : It ensures that you only make low-risk investments.

B : It helps you to balance your risk across different types of investments.

C : It helps you gain the highest rate of return despite any risks.

D : It increases your overall risk, which guarantees that you will make more money.

1. Galloping inflation is also known as


A : Hyperinflation

B : Jumping inflation

C : Moderate inflation

D : None

3. Financial management process deals with


A : Financing decisions

B : Investments

C : Both A & B

D : None of the above

4. Demand is said to be inelastic when


A : Percentage change in demand is less than the percentage change in price of the good

B : Percentage change in demand is greater than the percentage change in price of the good

C : Percentage change in demand is equal to the percentage change in price of the good

D : None of the above

5. RBI issued currency notes under which system


A : Maximum Fiduciary System

B : Proportional Reserve System

C : Fixed Fiduciary System

D : Fixed Minimum Reserve System

6. Comprehensive income includes all of the following except


A : expenses

B : contributions by owners

C : extraordinary items

D : losses

6. Capitalism is characterized by which of the following?


A : Profits

B : A market economy

C : Privately owned businesses

D : All the above

7. What is true about personal financial planning?


A : Personal financial planning is the process of creating and achieving financial goals

B : Our financial decisions decrease once we reach adulthood

C : A family's resources are unlimited

D : There are two means for achieving financial goals?you either need to increase your spending or reduce savings

8. Which of the following investment choices is least risky?


A : Renting

B : Bonds

C : Flipping

D : CD's

9. Which payment type can help you stick to a budget?


A : Payday loans

B : Cash advances

C : Debit cards

D : Credit cards

2. Insurance can help you to protect against


A : unexpected accidents

B : illegal consent

C : Both A & B

D : None of the above

3. Which cost is an example of a variable cost?


A : raw materials

B : raw materials

C : labor

D : All of the above

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