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Largest capacity nitrogenous fertiliser plants (2700 tons of NH? per day) (2 Nos) in India are located at


A : a. Thal-Vaishet (under RCF in Maharashtra) and Hazira (under IFFCO in Gujarat).

B : b. Talchar (Orissa) and Ramagundam (A.P.) both under FCI.

C : c. Korba (M.P.) and Talchar (Orissa) both under FCI.

D : d. Haldia (W.B) and Namrup (Assam) both under HFC.

Multistage operation (as in the case of catalytic oxidation of SO?) is not carried out for NH? synthesis, because of


A : a. comparatively higher pressure drop.

B : b. high cost of the high pressure vessel used for the reactor.

C : c. higher pumping cost.

D : d. chances of entrainment and disturbance of catalyst bed.

In ammonia synthesis (N? + 3H? = 2NH?), there is a decrease in total volume, hence to get high equilibrium conversion, the reaction should be carried out at


A : a. low pressure.

B : b. high pressure.

C : c. very high temperature.

D : d. atmospheric pressure; as the pressure has no effect on conversion.

Conversion achieved in HNO? synthesis with the use of platinum catalyst is about 95-97%. The rate of formation of nitrogen dioxide from the oxidation of nitric acid is favoured by


A : a. decreasing the pressure.

B : b. decreasing the temperature.

C : c. increasing the temperature.

D : d. none of these.

In the manufacture of H?PO? (ortho), ; strong H?SO? leaching wet process as compared to electric furnace process


A : a. uses lower grade phosphate rock.

B : b. requires lower capital investment in the plant.

C : c. produces lower purity acid.

D : d. is very costly.

Triple superphosphate which contains about 46% P?O? is produced by the reaction of phosphate rock with ortho phosphoric acid of____percent concentration.


A : a. 25-28

B : b. 52-54

C : c. 75-80

D : d. > 98

Which of the following solvents is used for the extraction of H?PO? from CaCl? solution during manufacture of ortho-phosphoric acid by wet process employing hydrochloric acid leaching?


A : a. Iso propyl alcohol

B : b. Butyl alcohol

C : c. Toluene

D : d. Hexane

In the manufacture of orthophosphoric acid by strong H?SO? leaching wet process, keeping the reactor temperature above 100°C, results in the formation of undesriable


A : a. CaSO? .1/2H?O and CaSO? crystals

B : b. pyrophosphoric acid

C : c. metaphosphoric acid

D : d. all (a), (b) and (c).

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