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1. Which is true about rennet?


A : It is a mixture of protease chymosin and pepsin

B : It is a mixture of rennin and pepsin

C : Both (a) and (b)

D : none of the above

2. The enzyme ?-galactosidase is also known as


A : lactase

B : EC3.2.1.23

C : both (a) and (b)

D : isomerase

3. Discoloration can be achieved by using


A : sulphloydryl oxidase

B : proteases

C : anthocyanase

D : all of these

4. Which of the enzyme combination is commercially used for the removal of oxygen?


A : Glucose oxidase-cellulase

B : Glucose oxidase-catalase

C : Glucose oxidase-lactase

D : All of these

5. Which of the following enzyme is responsible for causing vitamin B deficiency disease beriberi?


A : Ascorbic acid oxidase

B : Thiaminase

C : Lipoxygenase

D : None of these

6. Juice clarification extraction is facilitated by using


A : cellulases

B : amylase

C : inulinase

D : lactase

7. Which of the following metallic ion is there in ascorbic acid oxidase?


A : Mg

B : Fe

C : Cu

D : Mn

8. Lysozyme is naturally present in


A : egg white

B : bacteria

C : tears & milk

D : all of these

9. Milk digestibility is improved by using


A : RNase

B : lactase

C : ?-amylase

D : none of these

10. Enzymes act as antimicrobials


A : by depriving an organism of a necessary metabolite

B : by generating a substances toxic to the organism

C : by attracting a cell wall component

D : all of the above

1. ?-amylase is


A : endoenzyme

B : exoenzyme

C : saccharifying enzyme

D : both (b) and (c)

2. Trichoderma ?-glucanase is reported


A : to stabilize mashing

B : to convert taste fractions of dextrins to fermentable sugars in beer

C : to convert starch to dextrin

D : all of the above

3. Which of the following mainly serve to convert starch into high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)?


A : ?-amylase

B : Gluco-isomerase

C : Gluco-amylase

D : all of these

4. Chymosin hydrolyses the bond between


A : Alanine and glycine

B : Phenyl alanine and methonine

C : Glutamic acid and alanine

D : Alanine and phenyl alanine

5. Liquefaction of starch to dextrin is carried out by


A : ?-amylase

B : cellulase

C : pectinase

D : all of these

6. The enzyme used to reduce bitterness of grapes commonly contains


A : ?-L-rhamonosidase

B : ?-d-glucosidase

C : ?- galactosidase

D : both (a) and (b)

1. Lysozyme


A : catalyses hydrolysis of ?-1-4 linkages between N-acetyl muranic acid and N-acetyl glucosamine in peptideoglycan

B : catalyses hydrolysis of ?-1-4 linkages between N-acetyl muranic acid and N-acetyl glucosamine in peptideoglycan

C : catalyses hydrolysis of ?-1-4 linkages between N-diacetyl muranic acid and N-diacetyl glucosamine in peptideoglycan

D : all of the above

2. The reduction in off flavour of beer is practiced through


A : hersperidinase

B : rnase

C : invertase

D : diacetyl reductase

3. ?-amylase is an endo enzyme which requires


A : Ca

B : Cu

C : Mn

D : None of these

4. Hersperidinase is used for


A : juice clarification

B : juice debittering

C : off flavour reduction

D : RNA reduction in fish

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