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Important questions about Energy Resources and Environment. Energy Resources and Environment MCQ questions with answers. Energy Resources and Environment exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

What alternatives can be used to reduce fuelwood demand ?


A : a. Ethane formation

B : b. Methane from Sewage

C : c. Wood materials

D : d. overcome desertification

'Methane' is considered to be an effective:


A : a. Pollutant

B : b. Greenhouse gas

C : c. element

D : d. Waste Energy

Manure and other organic waste, including pigsty and toilet, used as a raw material for:


A : a. Greenhouse

B : b. Biogas generation

C : c. Pigsty

D : d. Fertilizers

Biomass is a renewable source of:


A : a. Energy

B : b. Food

C : c. Plants

D : d. Light

In philipines, modular biopower unit fuelled by the:


A : a. bio-fuels

B : b. Biomass Crop

C : c. waste coconut shells

D : d. Sugarcane

Biomass is known as


A : a. renewable source of hydrogen

B : b. renewable source of heat

C : c. renewable source of energy

D : d. renewable source of power

In UK, most of waste is disposed of through:


A : a. Oceans

B : b. Incineration

C : c. Landfilling

D : d. Water bodies

Burning of biomass in homes causes serious


A : a. Allergy Problems

B : b. Environmental Problems

C : c. Respiratory Problems

D : d. Ecological Problems

A sugar cane factory produces various byproducts, which can be used as:


A : a. A souce of Food

B : b. A source of Energy

C : c. A fertilizer

D : d. A Chemical

Average 'biogas' generates is:


A : a. 20 kW per day

B : b. 10 kW per day

C : c. 40 kW per day

D : d. 50 kW per day

Energy generated from biomass represents about 75% of world energy:


A : a. Utilization

B : b. Consumption

C : c. Production

D : d. Conservation

A 'mutuality of interest' is being created between biomass fuel suppliers and:


A : a. Civilians

B : b. Enterprenuers

C : c. Electricity users

D : d. Public sectors

In Brazil, since 1970s large plantations of sugar cane is used to produce


A : a. Soft drinks

B : b. Alcohal

C : c. Food

D : d. Cookies

'WHO' stands for:


A : a. World Health Organisation

B : b. World Heal Organisation

C : c. White House Office

D : d. World Health Association

'CPC' stands for:


A : a. Community Power Corporation

B : b. Climate Power Change

C : c. Climate Prediction Center

D : d. City Planning Commission

The 'greenhouse' pigsty increases efficiency of:


A : a. Green House

B : b. Hygeine

C : c. Pig Raising

D : d. fuel

Vegetables and fruits planted in greenhouse would give rise income of


A : a. Local Inhabitants

B : b. Regional Inhabitants

C : c. Rural Inhabitants

D : d. Urban Inhabitants

A novel integrated biogas system is initiated in


A : a. Pakistan

B : b. China

C : c. England

D : d. USA

'Barbojo' consists of tops and leaves of the


A : a. Grass plants

B : b. Sugarcane Plants

C : c. Plants

D : d. Forests tree

An annual primary production of biomass is about


A : a. 7600 EJ

B : b. 4500EJ

C : c. 900EJ

D : d. 800EJ

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