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Important questions about Comprehension - Comprehension Passage 3. Comprehension - Comprehension Passage 3 MCQ questions with answers. Comprehension - Comprehension Passage 3 exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

1. When confronted with signing a big card, the author felt like “a rabbit in the headlight”. What does this phrase mean ?


A : A state of confusion

B : A state of pleasure

C : A state of anxiety

D : A state of pain

2. According to the author, which one is not the most creative outlet of pursuit?


A : Handwriting

B : Photography

C : Sketching

D : Reading

3. The entire existence of the author revolves round (a) Computer (b) Mobile phone (c) Typewriter


A : (b) only

B : (a) and (b) only

C : (a), (b) and (c)

D : (b) and (c) only

4. How many teens, as per the Bic survey, do not own a pen?


A : 800

B : 560

C : 500

D : 100

5. What is the main concern of the author?


A : That the teens use social networks for communication.

B : That the teens use mobile phones.

C : That the teens use computer.

D : That the teens have forgotten the art of handwriting.

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