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Important questions about Communication - Communication Section 2. Communication - Communication Section 2 MCQ questions with answers. Communication - Communication Section 2 exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

1. When was the first English newspaper, "Bengal Gazette published"?


A : 1770 A.D.

B : 1780 A.D.

C : 1790 A.D.

D : 1795 A.D.

2. ___________ is the supreme medium to express yesterday, today, and tomorrow with its own unique language. What should be filled in the blank?


A : Cinema

B : Radio

C : Newspaper

D : Television

3. When was the first press ordinance issued?


A : 1820

B : 1823

C : 1826

D : 1829

4. An interview is a type of


A : dyadic communication

B : multiadic communication

C : mass communication

D : None of these

5. What are Net Sales in the parlance of book publishing?


A : The number of books or magazines sold by one retailer or bookshop.

B : The number of books or magazines printed by a publisher at one time.

C : The number of books or magazines available for sales

D : None of these

46. Modern communication technology is used in distance education to ensure


A : wider and effective reach of standard material

B : that students are inducted to modern technology

C : that education is globalised and higher standards are achieved

D : enhancement of efficacy of teaching due to limited interpersonal links.

47. A good communicator is the one who offers to his audience:


A : plentiful of information

B : a good amount of statistics

C : concise proof

D : repetition of facts

6. "They have high status in the society. Their number is small but their influence is strong". This is with reference to what kind of audience?


A : Elite

B : General

C : Specialised

D : None of these

7. The name given to the first radio prgramme was


A : India Radio Times

B : The Indian listener

C : Akashvani

D : None of these

8. When were the Bombay & Calcutta stations inaugurated by the Indian Broadcasting Company?


A : 1925

B : 1926

C : 1927

D : 1928

9. Which of the following is an ambitious computerization programme aimed at connecting 60,000 government and aided schools through internet?


A : Vidya Vahini

B : Vidya Vani

C : Gyan Vani

D : None of the above

10. In which year did Doordarshan started its 5 metro channels?


A : 1990

B : 1993

C : 1994

D : 1992

11. Which of the following provides more freedom for the learners to interact actively?


A : Small group discussions

B : Use of film projector

C : Viewing of the television

D : Lecture by experts

12. World's first sky bus station was inaugurated recently at:


A : Tees Hazari, Delhi

B : Madgaon, Goa

C : Tollygunj, Kolkata

D : None of these

13. The final goal of feed back in a communication system is to


A : Make necessary modifications in the communication process.

B : Understand more about the content.

C : Identify the defects of the communicator.

D : Detect the limitations of the receiver.

16. Level C of the effectiveness of communication is defined as :


A : channel noise

B : semantic noise

C : psychological noise

D : source noise

17. Audience and feedback are the two main components of


A : Intrapersonal communication

B : Interpersonal communication

C : Mass communication

D : None of these

18. Who is known as the father of Indian language journalism in India?


A : Raja Ram Mohan Roy

B : Bhupendra Nath Dutta

C : Vivekananda

D : V.D.Savarkar

19. 'Liberation Theory' is also called as


A : Authoritarian Theory

B : Social Responsibility Theory

C : Free Press Theory

D : Communist Media Theory

20. Who was not a part of the team that developed the transistor?


A : John Bardeen

B : Walter Brattain

C : JE Lilienfield

D : Willian Shockley

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