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The parts in the figure are a)__________, b)_____________, c)___________, d)____________.


A : a. dendrites, soma, myelin sheath, nodes of ranvier

B : b. dendrites, soma, cell body, axon hillock, myelin sheath

C : c. soma, axon hillock, myelin sheath, dendrites

D : d. soma, axon hillock, axon, dendrites

One of the main functions of plasma membranes is to enclose the contents of _____________


A : a. cell

B : b. organism

C : c. bones

D : d. tissue

Cytosol is the same as cytoplasm.


A : a. True

B : b. False

C : c. May be True or False

D : d. Can't say

Which of the following is allowed in context with a plasma membrane?


A : a. Inversion

B : b. Transportation

C : c. Transversion

D : d. Transformation

Which type of molecules are involved in responding to external signals received by the cell?


A : a. Enzymes

B : b. Nucleic acids

C : c. Genes

D : d. Receptors

The specific molecules that bind to receptors are _____________


A : a. Ligands

B : b. Co-enzymes

C : c. Substrates

D : d. Enzymes

Energy transduction is the underlying process of which of the following?


A : a. DNA

B : b. Transcription

C : c. Translation

D : d. Photosynthesis

The first insights into the chemical nature of plasma membranes date back to __________


A : a. 1700

B : b. 1790

C : c. 1800

D : d. 1890

Which material was used by Overton in his experiments to conclude the lipid nature of plasma membrane?


A : a. bacteria

B : b. yeast

C : c. plant root hair

D : d. animal root hair

The fluid mosaic model was proposed in the year __________


A : a. 1942

B : b. 1972

C : c. 2002

D : d. 1872

According to the fluid mosaic model, the membrane is _____________


A : a. rigid

B : b. discontinuous

C : c. sheet-like

D : d. fluid-like

Fluidity and viscosity are the same.


A : a. True

B : b. False

C : c. May be True or False

D : d. Can't say

Which of the following attributes of the membrane is most affected at the transition temperature?


A : a. size

B : b. fluidity

C : c. internal composition

D : d. internal environment

The ___________ the degree of unsaturation of the fatty acids of the bilayer, the ___________ the temperature before the bilayer gels.


A : a. greater, lower

B : b. greater, more

C : c. lesser, higher

D : d. None of the mentioned

Which of the following molecules affects the mobility of fatty acyl chains in the plasma membrane?


A : a. starch

B : b. glycogen

C : c. cholesterol

D : d. carbohydrates

Which of the following occurs in the membrane, when the temperature is lowered?


A : a. denaturation

B : b. desaturation

C : c. saccharification

D : d. glycolysis

Lipid rafts are patches of cholesterol and ________________


A : a. carbohydrates

B : b. amino acids

C : c. lipids

D : d. sphingolipids

Cell fusion can be performed on two cells from different species.


A : a. True

B : b. False

C : c. May be True or False

D : d. Can't say

In the experiments to demonstrate the mobility of membrane proteins, which cells were fused with human cells?


A : a. mouse cells

B : b. drosophila cells

C : c. tumor cells

D : d. bacterial cells

Which phenomena are made use of in the technique FRAP?


A : a. electrostatic

B : b. photothermal

C : c. hybridization

D : d. fluorescence

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