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Business Management, Ethics And Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneurship Section 1 Online Exam Quiz

Important questions about Business Management, Ethics And Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneurship Section 1. Business Management, Ethics And Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneurship Section 1 MCQ questions with answers. Business Management, Ethics And Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneurship Section 1 exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

2. In terms of chronological age most entrepreneurs initiate their entrepreneurial carrier between ages of


A : 15 and 22

B : 22 and 45

C : 45 and 57

D : 57 and 63

3. Which of the following method entrepreneur can use to do international business with the least risk?


A : Turnkey projects

B : Joint venture

C : Merger

D : Synergy

4. Entrepreneurial success has been significant because of the culture and the political and economic system in _______


A : European countries

B : Asian countries

C : Transition economies

D : Middle east

5. The following are the types of foreign direct investment EXCEPT.


A : Joint venture

B : Management contracts

C : Minority interest

D : Merger

46. A typical inventor is usually


A : Highly creative & in love with the invention

B : Does not encourage change

C : Willing to modify the invention in order to augment the commercial benefit

D : None of the given options.

47. All of the following are essential to maintain secrecy EXCEPT


A : Train employees to refer sensitive questions to one person

B : Discuss business in a public place

C : Provide escorts for all office visitors

D : Use simple security such as locked file cabinets

48. Which one of the following is a sound strategic option for an entrepreneur when synergy is present?


A : Merger

B : Joint venture

C : Minority interest

D : Majority interest

49. The activity which occurs when the new venture is started is called


A : Motivation

B : Business skills

C : Departure point

D : Goal orientation

50. Which of the following is the most important for the entrepreneur, while starting a new venture, to make an assessment of?


A : Risk

B : Profit

C : Market

D : Competitors

51. "The term capital gearing is used to describe the ratio between the ordinary share capital and fixed interest bearing securities of a company." Who said?


A : Brown and Howard

B : J. Batty

C : Gerstenberg

D : Guttsman and Dougall

52. Which are the service projects?


A : Research and development programs

B : Service programs

C : Welfare programs

D : All of the above

53. Which is the function of an Entrepreneur as per James Burna?


A : Risk-taking

B : Arranging the capital

C : Innovation of business

D : All of the above

54. Degree of influence and control of other people is called


A : Locus of control

B : Locomotion of control

C : Locust of control

D : Loss of control

55. Individuals influencing an entrepreneur's carrier choice and style are known as which of the following?


A : Role model

B : Moral-support network

C : Professional support network

D : Support system

56. _______ means identifying and imitating the best in the world at specific tasks and functions.


A : Benchmarking

B : Outsourcing

C : Quality circle

D : Continuous improvement

58. The difference in the entrepreneurial and managerial domains has contributed towards an increase interest in


A : Forming new firms

B : Partnership

C : Intrapreneurship

D : Private firms

59. Innovation theory includes


A : To create a new department

B : To open a new market

C : To present a new product

D : All of the above

60. The entrepreneur in an advanced economy is an individual who _______ something new into the economy - a method of production not yet tested by experience in the branch of manufacture concerned, a product with which consumers are not yet familiar, a new source of raw material, new markets and the like.


A : Introduces

B : Produced

C : Reduced

D : Increased

61. Ethical decisions include


A : Provide the customer with valid data about the product and service

B : Enable the customer to make a free and informed choice

C : Generate customer commitment to the product and the organization that provides it

D : All of the above

62. Companies identify their assets with the date of purchase because it can be helpful in determining depreciation for


A : Goodwill

B : Trade rebate

C : Tax purposes

D : Capital structuring

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