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Organization of photosynthetic pigments into clusters is


A : a. photosynthesis

B : b. photosynthetic clusters

C : c. cluster arrangement

D : d. photo system

Chlorophylls are soluble in


A : a. organic solvents

B : b. inorganic solvents

C : c. organic solutes

D : d. inorganic solutes

A compound which is found in all living cells and play a key role in energy transformations is


A : a. ADP

B : b. ATP

C : c. chlorophyll

D : d. granum

Chlorophyll converts light energy into


A : a. heat energy

B : b. chemical energy

C : c. potential energy

D : d. electrical energy

Photosynthesis is process in which inorganic compounds are reduced to organic compounds using


A : a. heat energy

B : b. light energy

C : c. chemical energy

D : d. electrical energy

Yellowing of plants is due to absence of


A : a. calcium

B : b. chlorophyll

C : c. magnesium

D : d. nitrogen

Tail attached to pyrrole ring is called


A : a. porpyrin

B : b. tail

C : c. phytol

D : d. nostale

Chlorophyll (a) has ability to absorb wave length of light


A : a. blue-red

B : b. blue-green

C : c. yellow green

D : d. yellow blue

Oxygen which is released during process of photosynthesis comes from


A : a. hydrogen

B : b. leaves

C : c. water

D : d. oxygen

Phases of Calvin cycle involves


A : a. carbon fixation

B : b. reduction

C : c. regeneration

D : d. All of the Above

In photosynthesis carbon dioxide, light and water are


A : a. reactants

B : b. products

C : c. by-products

D : d. catalysts

There is a chemical link between anabolism and catabolism in form of


A : a. ADP

B : b. ATP

C : c. ATT

D : d. ASP

Wave-length of a visible light ranges between


A : a. 360-678

B : b. 380-750

C : c. 280-670

D : d. 380-700`

Molecule of chlorophyll is composed of


A : a. hydrophyllic head

B : b. tail

C : c. Both a and b

D : d. hydrophillc joint

Smallest particles of light are called


A : a. dust

B : b. protons

C : c. photons

D : d. positrons

Chlorophyll which is found in photosynthetic bacteria is known as


A : a. bacteriphylls

B : b. bacteriochlorophylls

C : c. bacteriophtosynthetic

D : d. bacteriophage

Thylakoid membrane produces ATP by process of


A : a. photosynthesis

B : b. chemiosmosis

C : c. chemosynthesis

D : d. respiration

Process of photosynthesis cannot occur in absence of


A : a. oxygen

B : b. carbon dioxide

C : c. carbon monoxide

D : d. nitrogen

Enzyme which catalyze reaction of Calvin cycle is known as


A : a. phosphatase

B : b. catalase

C : c. rubisco

D : d. amylase

Leaves are major sites for presence of


A : a. lamina

B : b. branches

C : c. chloroplast

D : d. centriole

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