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Bacteriophages Online Exam Quiz

Important questions about Bacteriophages. Bacteriophages MCQ questions with answers. Bacteriophages exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

1. A bacterial defense mechanism against bacteriophage is called


A : concatamerization

B : polymerization

C : restriction

D : lysogeny

2. T-even phage binding to E. coli probably involves


A : electrostatic interaction

B : hydrophobic interaction

C : covalent bonds

D : all of these

3. Area of lysis on a bacterial lawn culture produced by a phage is known as


A : pock

B : plaque

C : pox

D : all of these

4. __________ protein keeps the prophage dormant and prevents virus reproduction.


A : Operator

B : Promotor

C : Repressor

D : Enhancer

5. In viruses with envelopes


A : the envelope and the embedded proteins are encoded by the viral nucleic acid

B : the envelope is derived from the host but it contains embedded proteins coded by the viral nucleic acid

C : the envelope is coded by the viral nucleic acids, but the proteins come from the host's membrane proteins

D : the envelope and its imbedded proteins are derived from the host's membranes

1. Which of the following properties is due to lysogenic conversion by phages?


A : Toxin production in Corynebacterium diphtheriae

B : Toxin production in Clostridium botulinum types C and D

C : Antigenic variation in Salmonella anatum

D : All of the above

2. Which capsid symmetry is exhibited by most of the phages?


A : Helical

B : Icosahedral

C : Complex

D : None of these

3. The filamentous bacteriopohage infect male E. coli cells by attaching to


A : lipopolysaccharide

B : the cell wall

C : the tip of the pilus

D : the cell membrane

4. Which of the following is/are synthesized from late mRNA?


A : Phage structural proteins

B : Proteins that help with phage assembly without becoming part of the virion structure

C : Proteins involved in cell lysis and phage release

D : All of the above

5. __________ is specifically able to have a long-term relationship with the host known as lysogeny.


A : Temperate virus

B : Adsorbed virus

C : RNA phage

D : DNA phage

6. Contractile sheath of the tail is present in which of the following phages?


A : T3

B : T2

C : P22

D : All of these

7. The procapsid is assembled with the aid of __________ proteins.


A : ladder

B : framing

C : scaffolding

D : form

8. One of the first enzymes synthesized by many bacteriophage is __________ , an RNA-dependent RNA polymerase.


A : RNA transcriptase

B : RNA polymerase

C : RNA ligase

D : RNA replicase

9. Which of the following bacteria can be typed by phage typing method?


A : Staphylococcus aureus

B : Salmonella typhi

C : Vibrio cholerae

D : All of these

10. The process by which phage reproduction is initiated in lysogenized culture is called


A : infection

B : integration

C : repression

D : induction

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