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Important questions about Automation System. Automation System MCQ questions with answers. Automation System exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

1. In pen plotters, "resolution" refers to the shortest possible line, but in electrostatic plotters it refers to:


A : the number of dots per inch

B : the speed per inch

C : dual-axis tracking

D : how accurately the plotter returns to a specific point

2. When was the first successful industrial robot installed in the General Motors Plant in USA?


A : 1960

B : 1961

C : 1963

D : 1967

3. Most industrial control applications:


A : can be solved using more than one method of control

B : can be done more reliably using solid-state methods

C : must have the process specified correctly to be successful

D : All of the above

4. Flexible manufacturing allows for:


A : factory management

B : automated design

C : tool design and tool production

D : quick and inexpensive product changes

5. Over the last ten years, productivity has risen most rapidly in:


A : Italy

B : Japan

C : France

D : United States

6. A way to transfer programs to a central system is:


A : by setting bit switches on the central CPU

B : to copy the program into PROMs and install the PROMs in the system

C : to develop the program on the actual system only

D : All of the above

7. The reliability life cycle of a product:


A : has three distinct rates of failure

B : cannot be predicted

C : All of the above

D : stays constant with environmental conditions

8. A flip-flop:


A : is a combinational logic device

B : is a sequential logic device

C : remembers what was previously stored in it

D : (a) and (c)

9. What two methods are available to build electronic continuous control?


A : Analog and mechanical

B : Pneumatic and analog

C : Analog and digital

D : All of the above

10. Which CAD display configurability allows work without any host support?


A : Highly intelligent

B : Medium intelligence

C : Low intelligence

D : One with no secondary storage capacity.

1. Compared to an open-loop system, a closed-loop control system is:


A : more accurate

B : more complex

C : more stable

D : All of the above

2. The heart of automation technology is.


A : robots

B : computers

C : control

D : sensors

3. A process controller:


A : can interface to digital and analog I/O

B : is useful in a continuous process control application

C : can solve a PID process control equation easily

D : All of the above

4. The "snap" command feature in both AutoCAD and VersaCAD ensure that:


A : template lines can be removed

B : objects are entered at specific intervals.

C : identified data are automatically segmented

D : definable center markers are entered.

5. Analog and digital controllers:


A : cost the same to build

B : accept the same input signals

C : can be changed with equal case

D : All of the above

6. A dc servo motor:


A : uses a tachometer for speed feedback

B : uses a variable dc voltage for speed control

C : can provide precise position control

D : All of the above

7. The power source that drives the manipulator can be:


A : pneumatic

B : electric

C : hydraulic

D : All of the above

8. Robot motion:


A : is the same for all robots

B : usually imitates human motion

C : is not dependent on the robot structure

D : All of the above

9. The rectangular boundary around a specific area on the display is called


A : a window

B : a conic section

C : a view point

D : a view plane

10. Four basic elements are required for an automated machine tool or production process. They are: input interface, memory, output interface and:


A : logic

B : software

C : NC tape programming

D : computer graphics workstation

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